Sunday, December 4, 2011

What has John been up to in the Bent Tree workshop?

Welcome to John's workshop, where he is creating willow orbs. Here are several in various states of completion. See some completed orbs below....

" Willow Moons or Rustic Orbs--we call them by both names. They come with or without a stand, and measure from 4" to 9" diameter. They are great conversation pieces, and everyone loves to touch them. I think it's because they are soooo smooth and so...round!

This table we dubbed "The Manhattan Table", as it looks like it would fit right in to a New York City condo. This one is at home in St. Louis.

Taos-style chairs with willow slat seats and backs.

Oblong dining table and eight Taos-style chairs. Table has a pine top, and chairs have sculpted-pine seats.

This 'root-base' dining table with antique barnwood top is now at home in California, surrounded by the family's own upholstered chairs. What a beautiful setting!

The 'Freestyle' Bed, so named because every bed is different, depending on the way the willow pieces were formed in nature.

This interesting-shaped console table has been quite popular. This one has a pine top and lower willow shelf.

Well, you made it to the end of the The Bent Tree Gallery blog for today. Please check back again; John has a lot more to show you! And please stop by Marcia's online store when you get a chance; it's at

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