Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mississippi River Driftwood Baskets

Since we live and work near the Mississippi River, we love to sing its praises. Not only does this wonderful river give us fish, transportation, and recreation, it gives us little things...its beauty in a sunrise, a shore along which to stroll, and occasionally, a wonderful sculpted piece of driftwood.

The wall baskets I created the past two weeks gave me such satisfaction! The handles are all gifts of the river. Sometimes I try to alter a piece to make it shorter, or trim off something that doesn't look quite right to me. Then I realize just how much better the river does at smoothing and sculpting the wood!


  1. Your baskets are beautiful, and the drift wood from our old river makes them really fun. I love my basket I bought from you. It is in a prime spot in my kitchen at My Old Historic House. You are such a talent.Glad we are friends. Richard

  2. We would love to visit your gallery, next time we are in Clarksville.

  3. Hello Marcia,
    The driftwood is beautiful! I just love the creative and lovely baskets! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog! I am your newest follower!